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Real Estate Consulting

Veritas Urbis - which translates into "Truth of the City" -  offers real estate and urban economic consulting services for developers, homebuilders, local government, and more. Combining reliable data sources with rigorous analytical techniques, Veritas Urbis provides comprehensive yet digestible analysis of real estate markets across the United States and abroad.

Data PR Consulting

Veritas Urbis Economics also provides advising and freelance services to firms seeking to grow their public engagement efforts. We can help identify target audiences, and develop an effective media strategy using authoritative and credible analysis of both internal and external data.

Media and Public Speaking

Veritas Urbis's Chief Economist, Dr. Ralph McLaughlin, has extensive television and radio experience providing commentary on the U.S. housing market. He was interviewed by Diane Sawyer for a special edition of 20/20, and has had numerous appearances on CNBC's Squawk Box, Nightly Business Report, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg Markets. Ralph is available for media commentary, keynotes and other public or private speaking engagements.

Previous Work

Los Gatos Retail Analysis

Comparative analysis of alternative development scenarios between Downtown Los Gatos, California and a proposed retail corridor known as the "Los Gatos North 40." Produced for the Town of Los Gatos.

Thought Leadership

Op-ed piece for Fast Company, which examines the potential impacts of automated vehicle adoption on inequality in the United States.

Academic Work

Invited piece written (with Cheryl Young) for Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies that examines the role of online real estate data on spatial patterns of inequality in the U.S.


Our Team

Ralph B. McLaughlin, Chief Economist and Founder

Ralph is Founder and Chief Economist of Veritas Urbis Economics (VUE). Prior to starting VUE, Ralph served as Trulia's Chief Economist and led their housing economics research team and provided house hunters with key insights about the economy, housing trends, and public policy. His educational background includes a PhD in Planning, Policy, and Design from the University of California at Irvine (with a specialization in Urban Economics) and a BS in Geography and Regional Development from the University of Arizona. He has authored more than 200 pieces of content (blog posts, op-eds, and peer-reviewed academic studies) in the fields of housing economics, land use and housing policy, and industrial geography, and was previously director of the Certificate in Real Estate Development at San Jose State University. Ralph can be contacted at 


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